Play Path

You’re invited to play your city!

Charting a route between installations and through the Niagara, Fort York, CityPlace, and Waterfront communities, the Play Path injects micro-moments of play into daily strolls around the neighbourhood.

The COVID-19 pandemic, while extremely difficult, has revealed new possibilities and agilities for cities everywhere, including here in Toronto. New forms of public spaces are embraced. Suddenly, expanded bike lanes and pop-up patios are not just imagined, but realized. Parking lots, porches, and balconies become fruitful performance hubs. Armed only with sidewalk chalk, children feel endowed with the confidence to transform their streets into giant hopscotch games.

Consider your in-between spaces – walkways, bridges, park trails, building faces – as playable canvases. Along the Play Path you’ll be invited to zoom, swing, zig-zag, make-believe, race, and offer public displays of joy back to the urban realm.

Photos courtesy of Heather Woolridge & Courtney W on Instagram

Special thanks to our Play Path partners:

  • Cossette
  • City of Toronto
  • Toronto Hydro
  • Fort York National Historic Site
  • Residents of 50 Bruyeres Mews
  • Residents of 20 Bruyeres Mews
  • Residents of 137 Fort York Blvd
  • CityPlace / Fort York BIA
  • Waterfront Neighbourhood Centre
  • Waterfront BIA